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High School Program of Studies

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The Penn Hills secondary school curriculum has been designed with this aim and vision in mind. Middle and senior high schools provide broad and diverse instructional programs. They are comprehensive in order to suit the educational needs of all students, and diversified in order to accommodate the vast range of interests and abilities found in the enrolment of a public secondary school. Given that Penn Hills students are interested in a variety of careers and post-secondary educational opportunities, the curriculum is further organized to promote career readiness and preparedness for post-secondary training, while acknowledging that some students may choose to work immediately after graduation. Curriculum development was guided by standards provided by the Pennsylvania Department of Education. 

Our core curriculum has been expanded to include learning opportunities and modern foreign languages, enlarged science and mathematics opportunities, enrichment areas, and vocationally focused courses in accordance with recent recommendations for 21st century skills. 

The academic offerings of Penn Hills High School are described in the program of studies. It has been designed to offer families and students with the necessary information to make an informed decision regarding the secondary school program. 

Families and students are encouraged to read this resource to ensure that every student pursues a challenging, fulfilling, and functional curriculum. Consultations with school counselors, secondary school administrators, and teachers are encouraged to assess the student's unique strengths and interests and to further understand the curricular areas that may be pursued profitably and successfully.

High School Program of Studies

Recent News

Penn Hills School District Exits Financial Recovery Status

We are thrilled to announce that the Penn Hills School District has officially exited Financial Recovery status. This monumental achievement was announced on May 23, 2024, by Pennsylvania’s Secretary of Education, Dr. Khalid Mumin, at Penn Hills Middle School.

8th Grade Move Up Event Livestream

What an Evening! Linton's second annual 8th Grade Move Up Night was a great success. We had 118 families attend, making it a memorable event with over 400 attendees. Thank you to everyone who helped make it such a success. Attached is the live stream video of the event. Also, thank you to all the families who sent pictures of our students.

Penn Hills is Hiring!

The Penn Hills School District is excited to announce several open positions and is looking for talented individuals to join our team! 

Summer School Credit Recovery

School counselors will be sending failure letters to families of students who require credit recovery or summer school courses at the end of the school year. These letters will specify the courses needed. It's important for parents and students to carefully read all the directions provided in the credit recovery brochure and the FAQs page to understand the process thoroughly.

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