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Non-Public Schools

If a parent/guardian feels that a student may have a disability that would require supports, there are two options:

  1. If the parent does not intend to send his/her child to a public school, then a request through the Allegheny Intermediate Unit (AIU – Alicia Chico 412-394-5701) for an Equitable Participation Evaluation is advised. Recommendations will be based on services/supports available through the nonpublic school. The Penn Hills School District does not provide special education supports within nonpublic schools.
  2. If public education is a consideration, an evaluation can be conducted by a Penn Hills School District certified school psychologist. Parents may request a multidisciplinary evaluation through a written request to the Office of Special Education (PHSD, Department  of Special Education, 260 Aster Street, Pittsburgh, PA 15235). The student must be registered in the Penn Hills computer system as a student residing in the District so forms can be generated. The student can continue at the nonpublic school during the evaluation, but if the child qualifies as a student with a disability, recommendations will only be provided as they pertain to special education within a public setting.

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