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Federal Programs/Title I

Title I

Title I is one of the federal funding sources that complement the amount of money each state allots to education. There are also other "Title" monies, I-VII, aimed at assisting students with burdens that may prevent them from receiving an equitable education. Poverty, homelessness, living in state-run facilities, living in distant rural locations, and those still learning English are among the challenges. (Students with disabilities receive a separate funding stream.) 

Title I was established "to guarantee economically disadvantaged students get a fair, equitable, and high-quality education by aiding in the closing of academic performance disparities," according to the United States Department of Education. 

When discussing Title funding, one crucial word to remember is "supplement, not supplant." This means that states cannot utilize federal funds to substitue or replace local and state education spending. Moreover, Title funds are part of a larger collection of "entitlement programs" in which the federal government is required to provide payments to states or individuals who fulfill qualifying standards. 

Recent News

Penn Hills School District Exits Financial Recovery Status

We are thrilled to announce that the Penn Hills School District has officially exited Financial Recovery status. This monumental achievement was announced on May 23, 2024, by Pennsylvania’s Secretary of Education, Dr. Khalid Mumin, at Penn Hills Middle School.

Penn Hills is Hiring!

The Penn Hills School District is excited to announce several open positions and is looking for talented individuals to join our team! 

Linton Middle School's Heartfelt Mentor Appreciation

Over the past two days, Dr. Robinson and YESS Team member Miss Nia guided over 30 eighth-grade students in delivering a special gift to someone of their choosing. About a month ago, an idea was hatched to create t-shirts that allow our kids to give thanks to someone in the building who has truly been a mentor to them during their time at Linton.

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